Harry Potter – The Second Instalment

This is by far the most adventurous and thrilling tale of Harry’s life.


It starts with Harry finding a house elf called Doby in his bedroom on the same day that Mr Dursely was having a man and his wife come around who would change his career for the better. Doby warns Harry not to go back to Hogwarts but Harry doesn’t listen, so Doby decides to drop a cake over one of the guests. Harry still doesn’t listen and returns to Hogwarts but strange and threatening things start to happen before and after they get to Hogwarts.

This film introduces the legend of the Chamber of Secrets and the monster that lies within. A chamber is known as a place of secrecy and security which is why it is such a great concept to use for the story. The chamber represents the house Slytherin; it has snake heads all the way up to the centre of the chamber. The production designer, Stuart Craig, created the chamber fantastically because it looked both mysterious and scary. 

The monster that lies within the chamber is called a Basilisk, it is a huge snake that kills with its eyes or if you see its reflection, it only petrifies you. The only time you see the Basilisk is at the end which keeps the audience wondering what it looks like and comes as a great surprise at the end of the film when you see the most terrifying snake you could ever imagine!

In this film you are introduced to Doby who to me is the sweetest but most troublesome character I have ever seen. He is continuously trying to save Harry’s life but nearly every time he is near to killing Harry instead. I would love to have a Doby in my life because their is something so loveable and interesting about him with his big endearing eyes.  

The flying and invisible car is introduced in this film; it gets them seriously in trouble with Professor Snape but it does rescue them from the spiders. The concept of the car still amazes me because it is magical and in a way is considered to have a mind of its own. We usually say this when the our cars decide to break down but this car actually does have a mind of its own because it ejects people if it wants to!

We are introduced to Moaning Myrtle who plays a major role in the story of the chamber of secrets. She helps Harry along his journey to kill Voldemort but awkwardly she has a crush on Harry. She is a very funny character because, as you can imagine from her name, she moans a lot. The reason the crush is awkward is because she is a GHOST!

This film keeps you strapped to your seat wondering what is going to happen next and whether or not they can solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets!

© 2011 Emily Claire Cannings


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