Harry Potter – The Journey Commences

Harry first act of bravery against Voldemort!


The story starts with Harry living with the Dursley’s but when Harry and Dudley turn eleven strange things start to happen. Harry finds out who he actually is and how his parents died. This all happens when a giant called Hagrid comes to their shack on Harry’s eleventh birthday and tells him he is a W-I-Z-A-R-D! What mystical things will happen next?

Looking back at this film just reminds me of my own childhood and of cute how we all were when we were young. This film has a profound effect on all of us because when you look back at it, after having watched all the films that followed up to the last film, you can see thousands of clues that are put in there that link to the final film in the series. 

The plot is amazingly packed with introductions to this new world and how it works. The plot also shows us that bravery is a characteristic which we should all have and what it means to be brave. It shows the difference between the concepts of good and evil and of what they mean. 

Fluffy must be the cutiest name for a dog, but when you actually see Fluffy, he is not THAT cute – with three heads and ready to attack. Fluffy is probably the wrong name for it, Hagrid! This amazing three-headed dog is a beast that would surely scare even those without a dog phobia! Fluffy looks very much like the Greek mythological beast known as Cerberus and is in fact tamed in the same way as Cerberus. 

The Mirror of Erised is an interesting concept because as humans we want many things but knowing what our deepest desires are can be difficult because the amount of things we want. For Harry the Mirror of Erised is a chance to dream of what his parents were like and to look at them for hours. But when Dumbledore finds Harry there in front of the mirror, Harry learns the true purpose of the mirror and of the danger of losing oneself in the mirror, not knowing the difference between reality and fantasy

This film marked a great start to a whole new world for children from the ages of 5–16 to immerse themselves in and to enjoy the innocence of the characters. 

© 2011 Emily Claire Cannings

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