Who can stop a man on a mission?



This story is about man who can’t forget the the past. A few years back he was in a bank job and he got tricked and was nearly killed but unfortunately, they killed his brother in the process and he went to prison after and all through his prison time he was building up  his master plan to kill the people who tricked him and killed his brother. But will he get revenge?

In this film it addresses the issue of forgiveness and whether you can forgive someone for whatever they did. It questions the idea of human nature and how much one can accept as wrong and forget. In this instance he can’t forget because they took away the closest thing to him which was his brother.

This film that has a hulk man in it and a lot of explosions. I usually like films with Dwayne Johnson in it but this one is a great disappointment because there is no development of the plot or the characters. So practically the whole film is monosyllabic with car chases, explosions, kissing, killings and drug taking.

The only bit of this film which I did like was how they tied up the police case with flashbacks of what happened which was a great technique. Oh and of course the beautiful wedding dress!

Overall it is a very boring film with no great development and hardly any interaction with other characters and no character development.

© 2012 Emily Claire Cannings

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