Scared By Anthony Horowitz

This book consists of three clever and scary stories that will keep wandering what will come round the corner next and say



In the first story which is about a boy who does bad things and he goes to his grandma’s house, goes for a walk in the countryside, but what will happen when he gets lost? This story incorporates the idea of fear of the unknown.

The second story is about a boy who steals a lot and sells them off then buys video games with the money. Then he sees a job advert for an enthusiastic person and a whole new world opens up? This deals with the fear of death.

The third story is about a boy who steals things many times and doesn’t go to school. Suddenly he gets run over but then what will happen to him next? This deals with the fear of life after death.

The title gives it an alluring affect to the book and what it might contain. The word scared is defined as thrown into or living in a state of fear. This idea of fear is incorporated into each story in a different way.

In a way all three stories deal with the fear of the unknown but in different concepts which are the ones that terrify us the most and are questions that we often think about but never know the answer to until we experience it. These types of fear show us that our opinions of certain things for instance death can create all different ideas about them which makes this uncontrollable fear.

This book is a real page turner because at the end of nearly every page it leaves you on a cliff hanger or it’s the way the characters are such bad people that they intrigue you. These characters each have the same addiction to stealing but each with different repercussions. It is these repercussions which show us how fate works in mysterious ways!

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