This film is about a boy who finds himself through his new school!


The story of this film is about a boy named Will Burton who moves to a new school and finds out who he is and his future through this event called Bandslam.

This idea of Bandslam is an amazing because it shows how music has taken over our lives and that we are much more interested in music than sports. Probably because it doesn’t require us to do any exercise and we can now listen to music wherever we go.

This film also show how nowadays students are not defined whether they unpopular or popular by their clothes but they ar judged on what music they listen to. Being in college myself I have noticed that this idea of people being defined by their music is true as for me: I’m an indie/punk girl.

The lyrics for some of the songs in this film are amazing especially the song Someone To Fall Back On because the lyrics tell a story which you hardly get in the music that is on the offical charts today!

I think bands today are an overrated idea because there are so many of them back in the days the only bands that could make were the good ones. In this time anyone can get a record deal if they have a catchy tune and look good. That’s is what I love about I Can’t Go On I’ll Go On it mixes all the greatest instruments to make this beautiful sound whether or not the instrument are cool or not. Also it is the public who decides which band makes the most albums as is seen at the end of Bandslam when they person posts I Can’t Go On I’ll Go On on YouTube and streams of fans start loving the band.

I usually can’t stand Vanessa Hudgens mainly because I dislike High School Musical but in this film I really liked her because she played her character to perfection and used the transition period of time to change her character for example give her character the confidence to sing again but still kept her quirkiness.

I have now put Gaelan Connell on my list of greatest actors because he played his character amazingly. He made him funny, sweet and insanely wierd which is what I loved about the character so much and also the character reminds me of my best friend!

I loved the character Charlotte because she was funny, outgoing and she is the person you have those awkward conversations with which are hilarious. She also kind of reminds me of me and the actress who played her Aly Michalka played her spot on. I really liked the scene where she said ‘you’d eat my laundry for a week if you had to’ – it was so funny.

The character of Miss Burton reminded me of teachers I have had in the past who you think are so funny but who teach the subject you think is pointless. The scene when the students were raping for their school project and she was boogying in the background made me laugh so much I nearly fell off my sofa.

The shower scene a great comic moment: it is when Will is having a shower and his mum starts talking to him and it’s hilarious because if Will was a girl that would be normal. The relationship between their characters is so close which makes those moment so funny.

The hand scene is another great moment because they are sitting against a fence and Vanessa’s character, Sam, has this great and serious line about a greater power with a hand gesture which the rest of the group do and their expressions and the way Sam says the line is so funny.

When Will and Sam go to see CBGB in the film which is amazing because it is a huge part of not only punk history but also the history of band as Will says which is true about the bands who played at CBGB for example Patti Smith inspired most of the bands we have today.

Overall this is a ‘must see’ film which not only has a great story line and music but also some of the funniest film moments of all time!

© 2012 Emily Claire Cannings

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