Brothers & Sisters Season 1 Episode 2

What tragedy comes next?


It’s just one tradegy after another in this episode from embezzelement to Justin’s drunken disorderly conduct. The episode uses a spiral affect to show how grief affects us. This is sometimes overrated because there are different ways of dealing with grief. I think it would have been better to have shown how they dealt with their grief in different ways but not by taking it out on each other.

I love the fact they bring in political comments about President Bush and immigration. It makes it more intellectually interesting and contreversial which I love in a show. It also shows this interesting divide between Kitty and her mother which causes so much of a whirlwind in their relationship and their family.

The mysterious woman’s past has been solved which will soon tear the family apart.

I love the ending – it’s so topical. They end it on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, commenting on how the Pacific has so many shades of blue. This is a reference to the age old tale that all families have so many layers to them.

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