Man On The Ledge-spontaneous or planned?

Will he really jump or is this a set up?


This gripping story of a man who lost everything and planned to get it all back! Nick Cassidy is a prisoner who’s dad suddenly died. He was allowed to go to the funeral then at the end he attacked the cop and stole his brother’s car escaped narrowly because he was hit by a train. Then he becomes the man on the ledge by going to a storage unit and changing and then to a Manhattan hotel and out onto ledge he goes will he jump or will he come back inside?

There were loads of different camera angels which gives a sense of the whole atmosphere. There was one camera angel i really thought was effective which was the one underneath his feet which made the times when nearly jumped more exciting and tense!

The pace of the film was fast and energetic which in a way kept you interested and excited about what comes next but because the plot was very complex it sometimes made it hard to follow.

The plot was very complex and intruiging mainly because it had so many sub-plots which all interweave together to make the main-plot. The most interesting sub-plot was the relationship between ex-cop and the cop the way they immediately connected also the lengths she goes to understand and bring these people back into their own lives. I think Elizabeth Banks character was really well developed which made her so fascinating to watch.

I think Sam Worthington’s (Nick Cassidy) character was a little underdeveloped and the way they tied up his past and the huge coverup was very fast and hard to follow. Personally I would have put in a few flashback scenes to make it easier to connect the dots of what happened.

The character’s of Jamie Bell and Mandy Gonalez were just because you understood their characters and the relationship was edgy and humorous. The story between them was funny dramatic.

There is a part of the story that really interested me it was the part of the story that there was such a hype because there was a jumper there. I guess its just like going to a football match and its in the last five minutes of the game and its a tie. I think people don’t realise the seriousness of the  issue and how it effects other people lives.

This movie deal with a man who is a manopoly man and is corrupting the police because he has all the money in the world he was played Ed Harris (David Englander) who played him perfectly rude and an asehole. I agree with Sam Worhtington’s character that manopoly man should pay the price.

The chair scene when they take over David Englander’s office is a classic scene that we see in many movies but I never get tired of its comicness and its feeling of saying “ha ha” to the bad guy who just got played.

Overall I love the film because its dynamic and dramatic. Its a must see for those who love a good thriller!

The information about this film is the release date was 27 January 2012 and the genre is action, crime and thriller. The running time 1 hour 42 minutes and is rated PG. The director is Asger Leth, the writer is Pablo F. Fenjves. The main actors are Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell and Mandy Gonzalez. The US box office made fifth in the top ten and started with $8,300,000 in the cinemas and over all over $42 million.

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