Brothers And Sisters Season 1 Episode 3

All is revealed?

 This episode is definitely all revealing about Nora’s marriage to William and Kitty struggling with her relationships. Not only does the central issue ripples into all the other characters relationships. It is an episode that starts sort of in a black humour style and then moves into a very meaningful episode.
The dynamics between all the characters all have this great banter between them that represents how a big family talks which I have experience in. Its just a great relatable comedy like when Sarah invites Scotty to the party out of spite it draws you into the show even more.
The real message of this episode focuses on relationships and how we often compare to our parents relationship which is perfectly natural because thats the one you grow up with. But I think we can never really compare it as we the children are completely different from the parents. This particular episode shows all the possibilites of how the children of those would look at the situation through the characters. It brings it back to the fact that the show is so relatable to the audience.
Overall, I think this episode really gets you thinking about relationships and thats why I love this episode. I also can’t leave without mentioning Nora’s speech at the party I would have done it the same way. So passionate and brave there is no other way you should make your husband’s mistress feel small!
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