Private Practice The Opposite To Grey’s Anatomy




I watch some odd tv but what a lot of people do not understand is the feeling you get when you immerse yourself in another world of a tv series. It helps you understand your life and even move past something in your life. I know it helped me to know that I could delve into a world of imagination, to escape and dream.

That’s why I love tv shows like Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, South Park, Scrubs, Modern Family and Malcom in the Middle. The make us see life from all sides.

Private Practice to be honest only got into it because of Grey’s Anatomy and I loved Addison’s character. It was a great start to a season seeing the change from big to small and the close-knit family. Plus the characters have a great introduction to their back stories and a lot of depth to play with their storylines.

Personally I am with Addison on the whole thing about moving to the beach and dancing naked! We definitely don’t do enough of it! The practice is smalltown medicine that creates drama which Shonda Rhimes does best.

I am falling in love Pete: he is smooth talking and so confident. I have never believed in the work Pete does. I am now slowly leaning towards the ‘eastern medicine voodoo thing’, as Addison says.

In this first episode Shonda was at her best creating relationships between people and reminding us of how life can move in so many directions so quickly. It just showed all the characters in their own fields – and also how doctors have such an important role in impacting our lives.

Overall, as a first episode it kept me interested to the very end and beyond. All lovers of Shonda Rhimes or Addison should try it. It is the opposite of Grey’s Anatomy with less drama with more dreamy gorgeous men.

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