Ghost Whisperer or Ghost Counsellor?

I remember the first time I watched Ghost Whisperer. It was a luxury because I was one of those poor children who had been living with analogue television for many years (by the way, my mum still has not moved to Sky). It was the start of my  exploration into American television and once I was in that, I had to watch everything.


Writing this review of Ghost Whisperer episode one has a special place in my heart. Once I got into this show when I was young I was obsessed. Believe me if you watch till end of the season it will peak your interest. Do not listen to what all the critics say about it being a copy of Medium. For those who do a lot of comparing, it is interesting, but I like to focus on one show at a time.

The story basically is that this girl called Melinda can talk to ghosts and she acts as the person you go to see if as a ghost you are lost or have issues with Earth that you need to sort out. Then she says ‘be gone my fellow ghost go to the light and gorge yourself in heaven’. I guessed that although as a born Catholic, I presume there is wine and food to gorge on or so they told me in church!

So the first episode of Ghost Whisperer in my books they honestly could have started of with a more riveting ghost story. It was interesting and brought the element of small town America that it was trying to bring out but really as a first episode it should dazzel me. That part of episode just did not cut it.

Though what I really liked was the introduction to the characters. It made you like the characters instantly and be intrigued by their background story and how they got to where they were in their lives. For example Melinda learns her gift from her grandmother, not her mother. Why? Has it skipped a generation or did she die?

To be fair to the critics and I do agree with them on this point, this is a very kitschy and a small town show to start. However, I think it could have a surprising twist so do go and watch the pilot and more. Stay tuned for my comment on the next episode!

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