Private Practice Emotional Whirlwind

Here is my opinion on why you should watch Private Practice Season 1 Episode 2. As the title of my post says it’s an emotional whirlwind. From weird personality traits of the main characters to babies switched at birth! That’s correct – baby switching – not only that but some of the best lines I have ever heard on TV.


I tip my hat to Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers, this was perfectly written episode had some of my favourite lines of the series in it. The one I loved was Addison talking about Pete who was talking to Sam’s stripper friend, ‘I’m a doctor! My touch heals!’. In this sarcastic way brilliant line.

The main side story in this episode was developed in an amazing way: it was about these two babies who had been switched at birth. With those kind of subjects on television it can be over dramatised in the acting and then it does not tell the story of the people and how they felt. The way these two mothers interacted at the end showed how devastating and confusing it was for them. It was heart breaking. The legal side is interesting in what happens to the babies because a lot of times in peoples lives they have others who look after them like a father or a mother it’s interesting that the state decides.

The other side story about the mother who was poisoning her son with mushrooms to get him to stop drinking was cute. But reminded me of how much love and care mothers give and how we take it for granted sometimes. So go give your mum a big hug and kiss cause they are special people!

The reason I love Shonda Rhimes’ shows so much is she always makes me think about situations in life and makes me question how I do things. This was a fantastic episode and few developments in character relationships so it did not feel like the side story took over the main story of the characters. Next episode comment coming soon!

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