Has Patrick Stewart Lost It?

Patrick Stewart has taken up a new comedy role called Blunt Talk. I think this is what I have been looking for from 2015 TV and film, as it’s been a bit disappointing this year. This new TV show has brightened up my watch list for 2015.


So Blunt Talk is about a British Major in the Navy Walter Blunt who served in the Falklands War and has now moved to LA. He has his own news show and is a total wreak. The part is played by the amazing Patrick Sewart, who needs to do more shows like this because he seems more in his element in this show than he does in X-Men.

The pilot episode was so good, it was full of great comedy lines and hilarious situations. The episode had everything it needed to enthrall you into watching the next episode from Patrick Stewart reciting Shakespeare on top of his car to his doing a self interview on his own scandal.

It has a incredible cast from Adrian Scarborough playing Walter’s manservant who supplies him with enough alcohol to fill 50 fish tanks to Jacki Weaver playing his producer who spoons with Walter at work. The writer is Jonathan Ames whose other tv show Bored to Death has been on my wishlist for a long time. He writes Walter’s character in an amazing way as he brings out just the right amount of Britishness to make him comical.

This show is definetly a keeper on TV and as the season goes on I think it will grow into the best new comedy show of the year. I cannot wait to watch the next one. What will Walter Blunt do next?

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