Magic time in Private Practive

It’s all about the magic!

private practice s1 ep3

This is my favourite episode of the season mainly because it centres around that magical connection between a couple. I guess its because I have that magic with my boyfriend. Not only that but the development of the characters relationships with each other you really see them connect as a practice.

This episode is mainly about the main characters back stories reflected through their patient stories. Violet’s patient this episode is about making decisions himself and this is reflected through Violet in her decision whether she will move on from her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Alan. It brings up the issues of making changes in our lives and how as humans we are more inclined to continuity.

You also get a great insight into Naomi’s character. Through Dell’s cake feeding extravaganza you finally see a more human side to her. I felt at the start she is a little cold and rigid. Her breakdown is a classic sugar substitute for men.

Addison really starts to fit in in this episode through this hilarious/serious case of a woman’s ‘lady town’ is broken. Total Shonda quote from Grey’s Anatomy’s character Pierce. This sub story was full of comedy and this couple had that magic.

Cooper brought out his inner fairy which was hilarious to try and find out what was making these cute girls blue. I KNOW BLUE!

You also go deeper into Pete’s story which is so interesting I don’t know if its because he is sexy or the switch to alternative medicine. You get to know about his wife it wasn’t like Grey’s Anatomy with Addison’s hi I’m his wife Derek Shepherd situation its a sad story.

Overall, I love this episode mainly because it shows the human and comedic sides to the characters which is a difficult mix to meld together. Another great Private Practice episode showing the chill out side of Grey’s Anatomy.


Saga Vol.1 My Second Intro to Graphic Novels

Here is an update for this review adding in a spoiler free version on Youtube here it is:


Read my second graphic novel the most mysterious magical book I have read this year!

Saga Vol 1

The graphic novel I read is called Saga Vol 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples recommended by one of my favourite booktubers Katytastic. Thank you so much for revealing this book to me. I loved it, read it in two hours and I can’t wait to read more!

I have to say I have always been wary of graphic novels as I am a traditionalist and love reading physical books with pages and pages of dialogue and description. Even though one of my favourite books is a graphic novel called V For Vendetta by Alan Moore. However, Katytastic convinced me and I am hooked.

It is about a couple who have a kid in the middle of a war of two species and are trying to escape their planet/ galaxy. In terms of plot I was a bit sceptical about it being too cheesy and not having much substance. It surprised me by the world building adding to the development of the plot.

The characters unfortunately I felt had not much depth to them but as I kept reading you felt more empathy and interested in the characters lives. Obviously we have to remember there is a limit to the amount of text in a graphic novel which means a lot is left to the imagination – I like that cause I have an overactive imagination.

There was such a good combination of colours for each scene that really brought out the atmosphere of the ‘world’. The art showed the world of the story to be a great representation of the immense possibilities of what it might be like in outer space and the options of creatures were so creative.

Overall, a great start to my reading of 2016. I can’t wait to see what happens to the couple and the many substories. I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone who loves them and the art in them. It is mainly young adults and late teens so not good for anyone under 18 I think (if there is a parent out there considering buying it for their child). I am giving it four out of five stars cause I would like to have a bit more character depth but the main story hooked me.

To all those who review comics or graphic novels and have any pointers for me leave a comment down below. As always love to hear all those opinions of those who have read Saga Vol 1 comment below.