Saga Vol.1 My Second Intro to Graphic Novels

Here is an update for this review adding in a spoiler free version on Youtube here it is:


Read my second graphic novel the most mysterious magical book I have read this year!

Saga Vol 1

The graphic novel I read is called Saga Vol 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples recommended by one of my favourite booktubers Katytastic. Thank you so much for revealing this book to me. I loved it, read it in two hours and I can’t wait to read more!

I have to say I have always been wary of graphic novels as I am a traditionalist and love reading physical books with pages and pages of dialogue and description. Even though one of my favourite books is a graphic novel called V For Vendetta by Alan Moore. However, Katytastic convinced me and I am hooked.

It is about a couple who have a kid in the middle of a war of two species and are trying to escape their planet/ galaxy. In terms of plot I was a bit sceptical about it being too cheesy and not having much substance. It surprised me by the world building adding to the development of the plot.

The characters unfortunately I felt had not much depth to them but as I kept reading you felt more empathy and interested in the characters lives. Obviously we have to remember there is a limit to the amount of text in a graphic novel which means a lot is left to the imagination – I like that cause I have an overactive imagination.

There was such a good combination of colours for each scene that really brought out the atmosphere of the ‘world’. The art showed the world of the story to be a great representation of the immense possibilities of what it might be like in outer space and the options of creatures were so creative.

Overall, a great start to my reading of 2016. I can’t wait to see what happens to the couple and the many substories. I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone who loves them and the art in them. It is mainly young adults and late teens so not good for anyone under 18 I think (if there is a parent out there considering buying it for their child). I am giving it four out of five stars cause I would like to have a bit more character depth but the main story hooked me.

To all those who review comics or graphic novels and have any pointers for me leave a comment down below. As always love to hear all those opinions of those who have read Saga Vol 1 comment below.

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