The Expanse Episode 1

Space war made boring by its characters!


Don’t get me wrong I love a space drama TV show as much as the next nerd however this definitely is not up to scratch for Syfy especially after watching Killjoys.

The premise of the storyline is good and interesting. Its about the battle for air and water which is poignant in this day and age. As usual it is between Earth and Mars. Although this could have an interesting development in terms of the science of space and how maintain these resources. Will it prevail?

However, this pilot did not explain  anything especially about how the planets have developed in this universe. Not to mention if anything about the background of the characters. Although it interests me the love between the two of the main characters was way too cheesy and annoying.


The ending to the episode they tried to bring out all the stops porbably to save it from embarrassment. You know the big explosion, which ship will survive. Then the most predictable ending in TV history girls is about to die and says I need to tell you something! DUN DUN DUNNN! I’m so bored I already know you’re either pregnant or working for Mars. Such a shame!

Overall this TV show has potential through its storyline. However, if its characters go the way they are going I am going to stop watching and I can usually sit through bad TV.

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