Morning Glory-Review

I don’t know how many times I have watched this film but everytime I love it more, it’s definitely in my classic collection.


It has this great jump at the start of the film. You think the girl has got everything she needs but the man, so you think it’s gonna be about the man. But then Chip (the IVY league idiot) comes along – he turns her life upside down and takes her job! Then she gets this big break to work for IBS’s morning show and she shows the world what a hard working woman can do.

I also love this film because it has Diane Keaton in it and I have admired her as a woman and an actress for years; she just has this great comedic buzz about her and it just flows out of her so naturally.

The banter between her and Harrison Ford just brings the film together. Ford has that combination of arrogrance and ego that annoys you but that you just can’t stop laughing at. For instance, he says in a irritating show-off way, ‘I laid a cool wash cloth on Mother Teresa’s forehead during a cholera epedemic, I have had luch with Dick Cheney.’ Oh the arrogance so  hilarious!

It moves on nicely to the whole point of this film which is the news vs entertainment in the side of television and how in many ways entertainment has won. Or has is it that entertainment is merely a simpler version of the news, just more dramatised and slightly fictionalised? I think that news is still important to people but the problem is the understanding of politics and social issues are not discussed enough at the beginning of their lives, that is, at school.

The film also brings up the increasing worrying issue of people’s limited attention span and how every single story has to be a short sensational story to be able to catch the attention of people today. This is an issue I am constantly asking people and myself about. I think it is partly to do with making the time to do those things that take a while to do, but you come out with a greater understanding of a subject and I think that is what we need to remember when discussing this issue.

I think overall, Morning Glory is a great family comedy film that all will enjoy. For me it just brings a sense of joy and in some way a wanting to work and do all the great ideas I have in my head. It’s rare when a film has that perfect combination of comedy and thought but this definitely does.

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