It Girl-Review

So I am expanding my reading to graphic novels and comics. So as I already mentioned in one of London Book Fair posts I met this fabulous and interesting author Jessica Martin and here is my review of one her mini comics.


Obviously as a book reviewer I tend to just read the dialogue then after I have read it that I should have looked at the art work in detail but I’m learning. However, with this mini comic I was more looking at the art work than the words. I think as a creator of a comic if you can capture the audience through the art work and not the words you have a smashing comic and that is what this one does.

A lot of what fascinated me about this comic was the idea of black and white. I understand that it is in the art deco style but for me as a student studying this era in my mind I expected it to be in colour as this was the glitz and glamorous Jazz Age. So I was a bit sceptical but in a way somehow the black and white brings out people’s emotions better through the attention to detail in the eyes.

In tems of the storyline it was really well done but at times it felt a little fragmented especially when it jumped from a certain point in the character’s life to another. It also felt at the end of reading it that I wanted more from the story but that might be because I’m so used to reading books where the storyline is long and developed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mini comic and so intrigued by the character Clara Bow that I want to research her which shows the comic has developed an interest in the character after reading it. Although I would have liked to have more pages to read the art work is fantastic almost Roy Lichtenstein like at times and definitely worth reading especially Jazz Age lovers like me.

I have two more comics to read created by Jessica Martin so look out for those reviews. And please feel free to comment below!

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