Chicago MED Season 1 Episode 1

So I am a huge fan of medical dramas I love all the medical talk find it so interesting and its thanks to Shonda Rhimes’ Greys Anatomy that I love medical dramas. So this was a must watch!

Chicago Med

A dramatic start with a train crash and the grand opening of the new ER facility. I like that showed the pace of the show which throughout is fast occasionally hard to keep up with. I guess the point is to make it as authentic as possible.

You can tell within this first episode that the show is gonna have more focus on the characters than the medicine. As you get fed a lot of information about the back stories fo the characters which I think they revealed to much about them and it could have been revealed over time and help to develop the show.

Although I do think the first episode lacked subplot development because you have this great story of the girl who is a surrogate and was in the train crash. I think that story could have been developed more instead of having three more subplots equally timed in. This maybe because I am so used to the fantastic writing of Shonda Rhimes.

However, all the characters peaked my interest so I will definitely be watching more. It will be interesting to see whether they move into different specialities of the hospital or they stick in the ER. Also who will Mr Heart-throb find attractive. So look out for more!

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Pandemonium Review

Ever since I started reading graphic novels I have been hooked on them partly because of the conveying of a story through artwork and partly because they take a lot less time to read than books. This new one I read is set in a world that is beyond your scope of imagination.

GRX032 Ghostopolis JKT TEMPLATE

I heard about this from one of my favourite book vloggers Katytastic fantastic recommendation I could not put it down. This is about a boy who is the best at Skullball (equivalent football) and one day he is going home from his grandpa’s and is kidnapped by a bitter old guy who reminds me a bit of Yoda but what happens next you will have to find out when you read the book!

I love the world these two Wooding and Diaz have created it is so full of the extraordinary of the imagination mixed with the situations of the ordinary. It was so well done that I didn’t realise till half way through the novel that everybody in the book has bat wings. You just felt so engrossed in the world.

The artwork in this graphic novel I loved that it had this combination of light and dark colours show the mood of the scene. I think this artwork style is considered anime but I am not sure so if I am wrong let me know. I think the style gives a sharpness and pace to the graphic novel.

This story was so engaging I could not put the novel down as soon as I started reading it. The dialogue is fantastic it has this great black humour that keeps you interested in the plot and love the characters. I really enjoyed following the main character Seifer the writing and artwork made me relate to him a lot with his struggles of life.

Overall, I really enjoyed this graphic novel it had all the components a novel should have to entice you to the end and more. I can not wait for the next installment and whether Seifer will go back to his old life?

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Veronica Mars Season 1 Episode 1

This TV show is a childhood favourite of mine. It used to be the thing I used to watch as soon as I got home from school on E4 and I have loved it ever since!

This was who I wanted to grow up to be when I was an adult well that or a charmed witch. It just had this understanding of being an outcast that I could relate to being the kid with her head in a book constantly. I think Veronica captured the hearts of many girl teenagers who used her to escape from reality.

This first episode is a triumph and one I still re-watch because it sets the scene and tone for the rest of the season by giving just the right amount of information. You leave the episode with so many questions you have to watch more.

The characters in this show are so interesting and loveable because the relationships between them are solid and have a lot of background which works a lot to the advantage of the show. I especially love Wallace he is so cute and funny and he gives great banter to the show. Of course not forgetting Keith the goofy dad that has this weight on his shoulders which makes him such an intriguing character.

Overall, I love this TV show its a classic for me. It has all the right components great characters, mystery and smoking guys to drool over. I can’t wait to share my opinions about the rest of the series so keep an eye out for more!

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Vivacity Review

This is my second graphic novel by  Jessica Martin and she continues to surprise and intrigue me.


This one is called Vivacity and is based on the life of Vivien Leigh and her obsession with playing the part of Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. I have to say I am not a fan of Gone with the Wind but Vivien Leigh I have always been interested in so I was eager to read this.

The artwork is phenomenal in the comic I think it captures the innocence of the story. It is done in sketching which brings out a warmth and a sense of drama to each scene especially the ones with Lawrence Olivier.

I really liked the way Vivien narrated her own story through an interview. I felt like she was sitting next to me chatting about her life. Jessica chose the poignant steps in her life that led to her career and her star moment as Scarlett O’hara.

I am not so keen on the central focus being about her role in Gone with the Wind I guess its because I don’t like the film. Although I do think that as it was structured as an interview that it may have worked better by focusing on a few poignant roles in her life.

Overall, I think this is a stunning mini comic and as before Jessica Martin has inspired me to go off and read more about the character she so elegantly created. To those fans of Gone with the Wind or Vivien Leigh you should definitely read this mini comic and just the artwork alone is enough to leave you hooked!

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Stepford Wives

The first time I watched this movie was when I was a lot younger. So I thought at the end of the movie that it was the weirdest film ever and I didn’t understand it. Now as a woman of 21 I have a new appreciation for the film.

With my new appreciation for this film I now understand that looking at the both extremes of feminism and maculism shows neither extremes work in modern society and that all genders should be equal. It also really brings you down to earth and off your high horses about how too much of one extreme can be awful. I think we need to remember that when we are talking about feminism that there is a bad side to it. I think her TV channel shows the devastating effect it can have, it can turn into a power play and not about equality.

The stereotypes you see in this film of the 1950s style husband and wife it amazes how far we have come in being more equal in relationships. I think this has the best cast of the three rebels Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman and Roger Bart. I think every woman or man can see themselves in these characters. A real comedy trio!

The robot part of the film is a perfect tie in to question the role of humans in the future. It is such a good concept of robots replacing the one relationship we crave in life. I guess it could happen in the near future but I think after a while as human beings we would crave that real connection with another person. I do think it’s a concept that should be looked at more in film.

Overall, this is a fantastic film full of great comedy and questioning the way we live in society today. For me this is one of those films that leaves you thinking about the way we respect and treat people. This has been a very serious review but this film is still a great comedy. Watch it if you dare to reveal the greatest twist in society?

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Father of the Bride

This is a film I grew up on. It was one of the few films I watched when I went to stay with my grandma in Australia when I was kid. So this film has a special place in my heart.


I remember when I was a kid this was my idea of the perfect wedding in your own home, dancing in the back garden and of course the crazy wedding planner. That plan is in my head but a lot of the ideas have changed and don’t tell me girls you do not plan your wedding in your head. This film is exactly that about young girl who falls in love in Rome comes back home engaged all about how they plan the wedding!

Another reason why I love this film is it has the perfect parent duo the fabulous Diane Keaton and the funniest Steve Martin they encompass everything about parents who are just so in shock. There is this amazing scene where Annie is just telling her parents she is engaged and the transition of expressions is hilarious. You have to watch it! Steve also has some hilarious lives throughout the film that just makes the comedy element of this film for instance, ‘don’t forget to fasten your condom’!

I think I have just loved this film since I was a kid because its such a feel good movie with the greatest family comedy. I cannot forget Franck he is the most hilarious and incomprehensible person in the film everytime I see him I burst out laughing. Its just the perfect movie to sit down and watch to all daughters who are looking for something to watch with your mum or grandma. Its such a classic.

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Hitchcock Behind the Scenes

As a teenager, Hitchcock was my favourite director. I remember when my mother bought me my Hitchcock Collection DVD box set that it was the start of my love for horror and thriller films. It also branched me out into the old film genre. So when I heard about the release of this biographical film, called Hitchcock, I was extactic.


Psycho is my favourite Hitchcock film so I was guaranteed to love this film, as it is centred on Hitchcock’s making of the film. It shows his transition from Hollywood-style horror to present-day-style horror where the focus is more on the criminal and his mindset rather than the victim — usually a damsel in distress.

I don’t know much about the history of Hitchcock but I have been told that Peter Ackroyd’s recently published biography (Alfred Hitchcock, Chatto & Windus, 2015) of him will tell you all about why he was so obsessed with the thrills and the horrors of life. So I can’t comment on the accuracy but certainly the film was fantastic. Mainly because you got to see full view of his genius meaning the collaboration of Hitchcock with his wife Alma who is played brillantly by Helen Mirren.

The one thing that really surprised me was how much of an innovator he was in liberalising the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA). Without his push many of the films we love and have broken boundaries for example Sinister and 12 Years a Slave would not be allowed. His movement towards the horror side when movies were considered to be more about a girl in trouble and a handsome hulk saves the girl—film over. However, with Hitchcock when you left the cinema he had you talking and thinking and questioning the film which is what directors strive for today.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film not just cause it centres on Hitchcock but also the amazing cast with Anthony Hopkins at the helm giving a fantastic performance in my opinion — just how I imagined him. Definitely something worth watching if like biopics or a fan of Hitchcock but also a great thrill ride to see how Psycho might have been made. I almost forgot but Scarlett Johansson’s performance of the shower scene and throughout the film is why she should be taken more seriously as an actor. Go and watch it if you wanna see the Horrors of Hollywood! HAHAHA!

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