How to Train Your Dragon or Your Father?

I have to confess I have not read the books yet but was dying to see the film so I indulged myself. Usually I am very strict on reading books first before I watch the film so the book reviews will be coming out very soon after.

how to train your dragon

At the age of 21 I still love watching a really good animation movie I think its just childhood nostalgia. This movie is made by Dreamworks who came up with Shrek one one of my all time favourite movies so naturally I had high expectations and they fulfilled it.

This movie is set on island full of pillaging vikings which I am surprised how well they made them so child friendly. Anyway so dragons are pests and killing one is a status symbol in their village. So obviously there is this kid who parents are the head of the village and he is the laughing stock of the village.

But then he accidentally hits the most famous dragon a NIGHT FURY but finds the dragon and a different side to them a human side ot hte dragon. Which I’m sure if dragons existed they would all be like toothless (the night fury) cute, cuddly, brave and fierce.

I know this sounds like a generic kids film but this is different like Shrek. It has that spirit that great children’s films have that take you back to a world you thought you’d forgotten.

Overall, this film for me has a great actors, characters, animation and story. It has a special message that I think we all need to take on board which is we must remember to listen to our younger generation and to evolve with the times so we can make the best out of life.

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