Father of the Bride

This is a film I grew up on. It was one of the few films I watched when I went to stay with my grandma in Australia when I was kid. So this film has a special place in my heart.


I remember when I was a kid this was my idea of the perfect wedding in your own home, dancing in the back garden and of course the crazy wedding planner. That plan is in my head but a lot of the ideas have changed and don’t tell me girls you do not plan your wedding in your head. This film is exactly that about young girl who falls in love in Rome comes back home engaged all about how they plan the wedding!

Another reason why I love this film is it has the perfect parent duo the fabulous Diane Keaton and the funniest Steve Martin they encompass everything about parents who are just so in shock. There is this amazing scene where Annie is just telling her parents she is engaged and the transition of expressions is hilarious. You have to watch it! Steve also has some hilarious lives throughout the film that just makes the comedy element of this film for instance, ‘don’t forget to fasten your condom’!

I think I have just loved this film since I was a kid because its such a feel good movie with the greatest family comedy. I cannot forget Franck he is the most hilarious and incomprehensible person in the film everytime I see him I burst out laughing. Its just the perfect movie to sit down and watch to all daughters who are looking for something to watch with your mum or grandma. Its such a classic.

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