Stepford Wives

The first time I watched this movie was when I was a lot younger. So I thought at the end of the movie that it was the weirdest film ever and I didn’t understand it. Now as a woman of 21 I have a new appreciation for the film.

With my new appreciation for this film I now understand that looking at the both extremes of feminism and maculism shows neither extremes work in modern society and that all genders should be equal. It also really brings you down to earth and off your high horses about how too much of one extreme can be awful. I think we need to remember that when we are talking about feminism that there is a bad side to it. I think her TV channel shows the devastating effect it can have, it can turn into a power play and not about equality.

The stereotypes you see in this film of the 1950s style husband and wife it amazes how far we have come in being more equal in relationships. I think this has the best cast of the three rebels Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman and Roger Bart. I think every woman or man can see themselves in these characters. A real comedy trio!

The robot part of the film is a perfect tie in to question the role of humans in the future. It is such a good concept of robots replacing the one relationship we crave in life. I guess it could happen in the near future but I think after a while as human beings we would crave that real connection with another person. I do think it’s a concept that should be looked at more in film.

Overall, this is a fantastic film full of great comedy and questioning the way we live in society today. For me this is one of those films that leaves you thinking about the way we respect and treat people. This has been a very serious review but this film is still a great comedy. Watch it if you dare to reveal the greatest twist in society?

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