Vivacity Review

This is my second graphic novel by  Jessica Martin and she continues to surprise and intrigue me.


This one is called Vivacity and is based on the life of Vivien Leigh and her obsession with playing the part of Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. I have to say I am not a fan of Gone with the Wind but Vivien Leigh I have always been interested in so I was eager to read this.

The artwork is phenomenal in the comic I think it captures the innocence of the story. It is done in sketching which brings out a warmth and a sense of drama to each scene especially the ones with Lawrence Olivier.

I really liked the way Vivien narrated her own story through an interview. I felt like she was sitting next to me chatting about her life. Jessica chose the poignant steps in her life that led to her career and her star moment as Scarlett O’hara.

I am not so keen on the central focus being about her role in Gone with the Wind I guess its because I don’t like the film. Although I do think that as it was structured as an interview that it may have worked better by focusing on a few poignant roles in her life.

Overall, I think this is a stunning mini comic and as before Jessica Martin has inspired me to go off and read more about the character she so elegantly created. To those fans of Gone with the Wind or Vivien Leigh you should definitely read this mini comic and just the artwork alone is enough to leave you hooked!

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