The Episode That Hit Your Soft Spot

So episode four of Brothers & Sisters season 1 I forgot how much drama is in this tv show. This one was so deep and thoughtful and at times it made me cry.


I know this picture isn’t the greatest but it’s the one that sums up this episode to the T. I think this episode really shows how important it is to be there for your family. Trust me I can sympathise with those who think OMG my family are crazy I can’t stand them for that long. At the end of the day they are important to your life and make our lives whole no matter if your family is biological related or not they are still family and that’s whats important!

Well that was soppy now on to the fun stuff. I love the issue with Kevin and Nora it’s so typical and relatable the having to go to the golf tournament. Anyone who has a single parents or is really close with one your parents will understand the situation of how much time to spend together. I live with just my mum so I understand but I think it’s a great situation to bring up  because I think parents have to remember kids have to live their lives as well. But it’s still fun to hang out with your parents.

The Kitty and Warren dilemma in my opinion and it has not changed since the first time I watched this show. I still think Kitty should go out with Warren I don’t like Jonathan he is not enough fun for Kitty and not spontaneous enough. I feel like Warren is more human and Jonathan often sounds like a robot to me. I am on team Warren!

Of course we can not not mention Sarah and Joe situation it’s so sad you just feel for them both a difficult situation I hope they work it out they are both great characters with more of a story to tell. They show the overarching theme of the show at the moment that marriages do last or that’s what I think.

Overall, an emotional episode but one that you have to watch because it will just make you all warm and fuzzy inside and want to spend time with your loved ones which is something I love about this show.

As usual feel to comment below with your opinions are you team Warren or Jonathan!

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