The Mind Body Connection

Private Practice does it again making me laugh to the core with the characters craziness with season 1 episode four.


This episode is all about listening to people all starting with Sam’s TV programme about listening to the mind with his big speech about how bald is beautiful. Addison is so funny in the background getting passionate about it. Sam is right you do have to listen to your mind.

Sam’s idea develops into the main sub story of this episode which is listening to the patient with this girl who is pregnant and escapes the hospital to find Sam to help her find out what is wrong with her. It’s such a sad story its one of those Shonda stories that just gets to you deep inside but don’t worry there is a happy ending.

Every crazy side of Addison and Violet come out in this episode and it just brings out the comedy in the show. For instance Violet spying on someone’s pee and Addison going crazy over RSVPing to her party/ get to together. Not only shows how crazy behaviour is hilarious but also the characters human side. Cause lets face it we all have those crazy things we do we just can’t explain why!

This episode is good and funny but for me just doesn’t seem to have that wow factor that I wanted. Can’t leave without mentioning Cooper’s case so sad but true about a kid who knows he is gay and asks the guy out but gets beaten up. Its something that we should be more aware and sensitive to the situation because its scary out there and we all need someone to lean on.

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