Private Practice Season 1 Episode 7: Baby Palooza

This episode is babies all around. You just can’t get enough of them. In this episode every obscure baby situation you can imagine is included!


So in terms of sub-stories you have Sam’s dramatic house call which is not a house call but a robbery situation in which he has to take care of two medical situations. I liked this story cause you saw the macho and badass side of Sam. I thought this was required because he has been portrayed as such a quiet character but I don’t think he is.

The next one was the wife of a cop who has been recently widowed and it was her due date. She suffers from panic attacks so had planned her whole birth but as she saw you can’t really plan everything something is gonna go differently. This was a very heart warming story full of love and lots of other emotions basically a gooey story.

The final sub-story is a woman who has three boys wants a girl and is pregnant, comes in for a check up. Is told she is having the baby NOW! However, it turns out to be a boy and she is disappointed which is understandable if you just want pink cuteness. Its all about how she works through those issues. There are those who can’t have kids must always think of them.

Finally the character development so you have the Pete and Addison issues are they together are they not? They are like two teenagers. But then a hot cop comes into the situation and he is all gooey for Addison. What a dilemma I would not know what to do cop or Pete?

Then there is the huge Violet issue which is her sexual frustration and we all make bad decisions when we are sexually frustrated! So she sets up friends with benefits with Cooper and you can imagine how that went? Lets say not to plan!

Overall, a great episode packed to breaking point I actually had to really concentrate in this episode usually its so easy going. But definitely one that makes you wanna watch more!

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Because I Said So

Its another Diane Keaton film! I’m a bit obsessed but she is such a good actress in Chick Flicks and RomComs!


So this film is about three daughters and their mother Diane Keaton. It focuses mainly on the youngest Milly and her search for the perfect guy and her interferring mum. I think all women and even men can relate to that last part. So her mother takes it into her own hands and puts up a personal add to date my daughter. She then proceeds to meet them but who will she allow to date her daughter?

So Diane Keaton in this film will frustrate you to no end you’ll just want to slap her out of her stupid controlling obsession over her daughter’s love life. This is great because it means she has played her character beautifully. The daughters the youngest played by Mandy Moore and the other two played by Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo had a great sister dynamic from the cheeky one to the independent one. The men were great too but i feel like because I didn’t mention them in the plot i’ll let you make your own opinions of them. I’ll only say that Harvey from Suits the TV show is in it!

The plot and the general flow of the movie wasn’t so great and I think that was because the script lacked witty lines and was too focused on the romcom side of the film. Also I just wanted more depth and development from the characters as they felt very one dimensional which would have been rectified by more backstory on their childhood together.

Overall, it is a fun chick flick to watch if you want something to switch off to. A lesson to all mothers not to butt in on their children’s relationships. A nice chill out movie in which your crush for Gabriel Macht (Harvey from Suits) increases!

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The Spoils

Another play I have been to see was Jesse Eisenberg’s The Spoils which was one of the best comedy plays I have ever seen!



So this play is about two roommates a New York rich kid film school dropout and a Napalese business student who are living in a small apartment. Ben ( Jesse Eisenberg) is an insecure person among other things and is excalating due to a high school crush on a woman who is know dating a school friend of his. Thats enough to make interested to go and see it! 

Personally I loved this play I thought it was a great combination of witt and interesting characters. Not only that, it was so relevant to relationships of young people today. Throughout the play you went I have had that conversation or someone told me they had that conversation with someone. This is what made me connect more with the characters and engage more with the play.

So I looked to see what everyone else was saying it was either they didn’t like that Jesse was the main lead or that it was more about the characters and not enough of a plot. In terms of him being the lead he obviously wrote the character for him and if you read the programme the director: Scott Elliott says, ‘he loves being directed’, clearly not an isssue. In terms of the plot issue at times I did feel it was going nowhere but I think that Ben’s behaviour as a character was the plot and I think that it did drift a bit.

In terms of the cast; Jesse Eisenberg, Alfie Alan, Kunal Nayyar, Katie Brayben and Annapurna Sriram I have no objections. They were amazing and so in sync with their characters. By the way anyone who says its like Big Bang Theory I would suggest seeing it again because you have missed a lot.

Overall, a hilariously complex play about relationships of young people. It certaintly left me questioning the way we look at issues and people. Jesse achieved a play that left people intrigued and questioning society. Its a must see original play.

Unfortunately this season has finished but I’m sure we will see Jesse Eisenberg’s plays return to the UK so keep your eyes open for more!  

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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 5

Private Practice episode five was quite a dramatic episode but also filled with the usual laughs.


So this episode mainly centred around Violet and Addison but also the sub-stories were really good as well as very sad. So Sam’s patient goes through a robbery in her home and she wants to forget it happened by using a drug. Such a scary situation I think I would have done the same thing as the woman. Shonda shows how the robbery effects everyone in the family which is a side you usually don’t see.

The next story was the saddest of them all a friend of Naomi’ s daughter who is 13 got pregnant but didn’t tell anyone. The show looks at the situation from the patient confidentiality angle that applies to kids as there are strict laws in California. Such a tough situation but I can see the point of the laws being so strict because of other circumstances at home or other situations.

The last sub-story looks at an issue that is very topical in today’s news which is an athlete who has a cold but has a qualifier coming up. She goes to the doctor and is told she can’t run in the qualifier but her coach gives her some drug. She runs and consequently ruins her career. It’s such a terrifying thought that just one wrong move can end a career in sports.

On the other hand, we finally meet the famous Alan OMG what an asshole. He wants to be friends after he breaks up with her and marries a younger girl. I should mention he doesn’t do it in a nice way. I just don’t like him so stay away from him Violet. Then you have Dell doing his first pap smear I feel so sorry for him such an awkward situation if you get a non understanding person but also funny.

The funniest character side story is Addison’ s shower head massager issue. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about its a feminine self pleasure thing. As Violet says, ‘I got Bill now, Bill is all I need’. I bet we all have that guy or girl in our head who looks suspiciously like a movie star and when we don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend they help us scratch the itch. Mine is Chris Pratt or Tom Hardy or Jensen Ackles. I almost forgot Ted King from Charmed!

Overall, a really packed episode filled with drama and laughter. Definitely one of the best of the season. Even if your not a big fan of the show this episode will get you hooked.

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Private Practice Season Ep 6: Coming Together as a Family

This episode is tough one in terms of the sub-story subjects you just sit there and think I just wanna give the characters the biggest hug. Then you laugh at Charlotte’s issues!


This episode shows you the tough side of medicine where bad news is commonly given out by doctors. In this episode one of the stories is a woman who wants to have kids with her husband but she is afraid she has the Huntington’s gene which is a degenerative disease. How she overcomes her fear of the disease is what is the main focus. This is such a heartbreaking story but like all Shonda’s stories there is always hope in darkness. The story really touched me because it brought up the question. When you have a disease were you are going to die what are you entitled to or not in society? As Addison says, ‘a person should get to have her whole life!’

The second big story of the episode was about a young girl and there is the question as to whether her mother is abusing her. The mother has multiple sclerosis and Sam is involved because the mother is his patient. It’s all about how you don’t see or ignore situations like this because the family puts on the happy mask. Its a huge decision to stand there and accuse someone of such a crime as Cooper does. However, there are always little clues that show you what is really going on. I think there is still not enough protection and help towards the child in those situations.

The charater development in this episode was a lot. You saw a huge growth of Dell’s character with some background and his goal in the series which made me like him so much more. Go Dell! Also Charlotte is more involved and bringing humour to the episode with her sleep problem and her issues with Pete’s quack medicine! I like her mainly because she brings drama and sassiness to calm settings of Private Practice.

Of course the never ending question of Pete and Addison love story these two are so cute. Addison demands more from Pete and Sam says the perfect line after, ‘You in it now man!’

Overall, great episode filled with drama, sadness, passion and humour. Plus some stellar lines that bring the show to life. Stay tuned for more commentary on Private Practice!

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Gnomeo & Juliet

Title: Gnomeo & Juliet

Genre: Action, Comedy, Family

Director:  Kelly Asbury

Cast: James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Maggie Smith

Production Company: Rocket Pictures, Touchstone Pictures


Shakespeare meets gnomes?? My favourite adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.




As you probably guessed this is the story of Romeo & Juliet but set in gnome land. I felt this was appropiate to talk about this film because of the anniversary of the bards death. But this film has a light twist at the ending!

I have to say that Romeo & Juliet is not my favourite Shakespeare I think because of the tradegy element it is strange because I love drama films and tv shows. However, this is a mix of modern and traditional interpretation which is because it is done by Rocket Pictures.

So Rocket Pictures is run by Elton John and his husband David Furnish so straight away you know the music is gonna be amazing. I mean I have been listening to Elton since I was kid to Crocodile Rock my favourite. Not only that but the collaboration of people on board this project is phenomenal which he speaks of in the featurette. I honestly can’t wait to see what else they have done!

The casting is unbelieveable not only on their own but as couple acting because in Romeo & Juliet there is little duets of characters that banter off each other which is why the story is so successful. So you have Maggie Smith and Michael Caine, Emily Blunt and James MacAvoy and Julie Walters and Richard Wilson. They really bring it to life. Also some of the gnomes  in the animation look like the actors which makes it even funnier!

Overall, I absolutely loved the film the best adaptation of Romeo & Juliet ever. I cannot leave without mentioning the funniest frog in history Ashley Jensen such a comedy gold. Of course Patrick Stewart as Shakespeare very poignant and I bet he loved that role. The music as usual Elton John just wowed me such funny songs but then emotional songs that brought the film to life. A brilliant family film everyone should watch it!


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Orbital Volume 1 Scars

For those who wish to have a spoiler free review here it is:


I heard about this comic through the London Book Fair 2016 when I went to a conference about science fiction in comics on the last day of the Fair and said hello to the author, Sylvain Runberg. They showed the audience a copy of one of the volumes of Orbital. As soon as I saw it, I had to check it out!


This comic is a series called Orbital and the first volume is called Scars. It is set way way in to the future where the planets are tied together by an organisation called the Confederation sort of like our UN and it’s similar in the essence that it doesn’t work as well as it should. There is a task force called IDO which do diplomatic missions and this is the two main characters Swany and Izzua the “dynamic duo’s” first mission. Can they restore diplomacy?

In terms of the comics I have read (which are not that many) I felt this had a lot more writing and dialogue than usual. This was a good thing as there is so much to explain in this “world” as all details matter to the understanding of the story.

Overall, it was a good mixture of both and just enough background information so you don’t feel confused but enough that make you keep reading.

The artwork in this comic is phenomenal and breathtaking which is done by Serge Pellé. I really felt like I was looking at the old Star Wars movies in some of the artwork. The reason is the artwork had that beautiful slight pastel look to it. The scenes where it had large landscapes drawn were beautifully done for such a small space allowed.

Overall, the story really drew me in with the many political ties and also the way Slyvain Runberg and Serge Pellé set up both the main characters as lost souls starting their journey to their own truths. When I was at the conference the author talked about how a lot of current political issues get incorporated into his comics which you can definitely see in Orbital. On the whole it is a fantastic comic and I can’t wait to read the rest of the volumes. A truly original comic I think that all comic lovers should read this especially anyone who loves Star Wars!

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