Bitten Season 1 Episode 1 Review

I love Kelley Armstrong’s books so when I heard about this series which I hadn’t read and it was a TV series I had to watch it! I know it’s bad to watch TV shows before the book but sometimes I just have to!

Bitten is an intriguing story about a clan of wolves: some of them have moved well away from home to have a more human life which gives big tensions to these brooding werewolves. We mainly follow Elena (I know, Vampire Diaries, but really who cares!) and how she wants a really human life. However, there is murder near the family home, Stonehaven Mansion. Will this bring the pack back together?


All the werewolves were introduced as all having a lot emotional “baggage” and backstory mystery even the human characters as well. I really liked Elena: she has this boldness to her and a sensitive side which is really loveable. She also has very good taste in men. Hot boyfriend! Her cousin is also an interesting character with a big mysterious background as to how he became a werewolf?


Overall, by the end I was so interested in this world and I have so many questions, I just have to watch more. I also love the fact that you are not given any info as to how they become werewolves or the history behind the legend. So watch it if you love werewolves or anything to do with that genre.

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