Orbital Volume 1 Scars

For those who wish to have a spoiler free review here it is:


I heard about this comic through the London Book Fair 2016 when I went to a conference about science fiction in comics on the last day of the Fair and said hello to the author, Sylvain Runberg. They showed the audience a copy of one of the volumes of Orbital. As soon as I saw it, I had to check it out!


This comic is a series called Orbital and the first volume is called Scars. It is set way way in to the future where the planets are tied together by an organisation called the Confederation sort of like our UN and it’s similar in the essence that it doesn’t work as well as it should. There is a task force called IDO which do diplomatic missions and this is the two main characters Swany and Izzua the “dynamic duo’s” first mission. Can they restore diplomacy?

In terms of the comics I have read (which are not that many) I felt this had a lot more writing and dialogue than usual. This was a good thing as there is so much to explain in this “world” as all details matter to the understanding of the story.

Overall, it was a good mixture of both and just enough background information so you don’t feel confused but enough that make you keep reading.

The artwork in this comic is phenomenal and breathtaking which is done by Serge Pellé. I really felt like I was looking at the old Star Wars movies in some of the artwork. The reason is the artwork had that beautiful slight pastel look to it. The scenes where it had large landscapes drawn were beautifully done for such a small space allowed.

Overall, the story really drew me in with the many political ties and also the way Slyvain Runberg and Serge Pellé set up both the main characters as lost souls starting their journey to their own truths. When I was at the conference the author talked about how a lot of current political issues get incorporated into his comics which you can definitely see in Orbital. On the whole it is a fantastic comic and I can’t wait to read the rest of the volumes. A truly original comic I think that all comic lovers should read this especially anyone who loves Star Wars!

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