Private Practice Season Ep 6: Coming Together as a Family

This episode is tough one in terms of the sub-story subjects you just sit there and think I just wanna give the characters the biggest hug. Then you laugh at Charlotte’s issues!


This episode shows you the tough side of medicine where bad news is commonly given out by doctors. In this episode one of the stories is a woman who wants to have kids with her husband but she is afraid she has the Huntington’s gene which is a degenerative disease. How she overcomes her fear of the disease is what is the main focus. This is such a heartbreaking story but like all Shonda’s stories there is always hope in darkness. The story really touched me because it brought up the question. When you have a disease were you are going to die what are you entitled to or not in society? As Addison says, ‘a person should get to have her whole life!’

The second big story of the episode was about a young girl and there is the question as to whether her mother is abusing her. The mother has multiple sclerosis and Sam is involved because the mother is his patient. It’s all about how you don’t see or ignore situations like this because the family puts on the happy mask. Its a huge decision to stand there and accuse someone of such a crime as Cooper does. However, there are always little clues that show you what is really going on. I think there is still not enough protection and help towards the child in those situations.

The charater development in this episode was a lot. You saw a huge growth of Dell’s character with some background and his goal in the series which made me like him so much more. Go Dell! Also Charlotte is more involved and bringing humour to the episode with her sleep problem and her issues with Pete’s quack medicine! I like her mainly because she brings drama and sassiness to calm settings of Private Practice.

Of course the never ending question of Pete and Addison love story these two are so cute. Addison demands more from Pete and Sam says the perfect line after, ‘You in it now man!’

Overall, great episode filled with drama, sadness, passion and humour. Plus some stellar lines that bring the show to life. Stay tuned for more commentary on Private Practice!

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