Private Practice Season 1 Episode 5

Private Practice episode five was quite a dramatic episode but also filled with the usual laughs.


So this episode mainly centred around Violet and Addison but also the sub-stories were really good as well as very sad. So Sam’s patient goes through a robbery in her home and she wants to forget it happened by using a drug. Such a scary situation I think I would have done the same thing as the woman. Shonda shows how the robbery effects everyone in the family which is a side you usually don’t see.

The next story was the saddest of them all a friend of Naomi’ s daughter who is 13 got pregnant but didn’t tell anyone. The show looks at the situation from the patient confidentiality angle that applies to kids as there are strict laws in California. Such a tough situation but I can see the point of the laws being so strict because of other circumstances at home or other situations.

The last sub-story looks at an issue that is very topical in today’s news which is an athlete who has a cold but has a qualifier coming up. She goes to the doctor and is told she can’t run in the qualifier but her coach gives her some drug. She runs and consequently ruins her career. It’s such a terrifying thought that just one wrong move can end a career in sports.

On the other hand, we finally meet the famous Alan OMG what an asshole. He wants to be friends after he breaks up with her and marries a younger girl. I should mention he doesn’t do it in a nice way. I just don’t like him so stay away from him Violet. Then you have Dell doing his first pap smear I feel so sorry for him such an awkward situation if you get a non understanding person but also funny.

The funniest character side story is Addison’ s shower head massager issue. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about its a feminine self pleasure thing. As Violet says, ‘I got Bill now, Bill is all I need’. I bet we all have that guy or girl in our head who looks suspiciously like a movie star and when we don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend they help us scratch the itch. Mine is Chris Pratt or Tom Hardy or Jensen Ackles. I almost forgot Ted King from Charmed!

Overall, a really packed episode filled with drama and laughter. Definitely one of the best of the season. Even if your not a big fan of the show this episode will get you hooked.

As usual, let me know what you think.

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