The Spoils

Another play I have been to see was Jesse Eisenberg’s The Spoils which was one of the best comedy plays I have ever seen!



So this play is about two roommates a New York rich kid film school dropout and a Napalese business student who are living in a small apartment. Ben ( Jesse Eisenberg) is an insecure person among other things and is excalating due to a high school crush on a woman who is know dating a school friend of his. Thats enough to make interested to go and see it!

Personally I loved this play I thought it was a great combination of witt and interesting characters. Not only that, it was so relevant to relationships of young people today. Throughout the play you went I have had that conversation or someone told me they had that conversation with someone. This is what made me connect more with the characters and engage more with the play.

So I looked to see what everyone else was saying it was either they didn’t like that Jesse was the main lead or that it was more about the characters and not enough of a plot. In terms of him being the lead he obviously wrote the character for him and if you read the programme the director: Scott Elliott says, ‘he loves being directed’, clearly not an isssue. In terms of the plot issue at times I did feel it was going nowhere but I think that Ben’s behaviour as a character was the plot and I think that it did drift a bit.

In terms of the cast; Jesse Eisenberg, Alfie Alan, Kunal Nayyar, Katie Brayben and Annapurna Sriram I have no objections. They were amazing and so in sync with their characters. By the way anyone who says its like Big Bang Theory I would suggest seeing it again because you have missed a lot.

Overall, a hilariously complex play about relationships of young people. It certaintly left me questioning the way we look at issues and people. Jesse achieved a play that left people intrigued and questioning society. Its a must see original play.

Unfortunately this season has finished but I’m sure we will see Jesse Eisenberg’s plays return to the UK so keep your eyes open for more!

As usual let me know what you think love to hear your thoughts.

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