Private Practice Season 1 Episode 7: Baby Palooza

This episode is babies all around. You just can’t get enough of them. In this episode every obscure baby situation you can imagine is included!


So in terms of sub-stories you have Sam’s dramatic house call which is not a house call but a robbery situation in which he has to take care of two medical situations. I liked this story cause you saw the macho and badass side of Sam. I thought this was required because he has been portrayed as such a quiet character but I don’t think he is.

The next one was the wife of a cop who has been recently widowed and it was her due date. She suffers from panic attacks so had planned her whole birth but as she saw you can’t really plan everything something is gonna go differently. This was a very heart warming story full of love and lots of other emotions basically a gooey story.

The final sub-story is a woman who has three boys wants a girl and is pregnant, comes in for a check up. Is told she is having the baby NOW! However, it turns out to be a boy and she is disappointed which is understandable if you just want pink cuteness. Its all about how she works through those issues. There are those who can’t have kids must always think of them.

Finally the character development so you have the Pete and Addison issues are they together are they not? They are like two teenagers. But then a hot cop comes into the situation and he is all gooey for Addison. What a dilemma I would not know what to do cop or Pete?

Then there is the huge Violet issue which is her sexual frustration and we all make bad decisions when we are sexually frustrated! So she sets up friends with benefits with Cooper and you can imagine how that went? Lets say not to plan!

Overall, a great episode packed to breaking point I actually had to really concentrate in this episode usually its so easy going. But definitely one that makes you wanna watch more!

As usual, comment below and let me know if you are team Pete or Cop?




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