The Boy Next Door

So this is a film I had heard about and had been on my list for a while. Plus I am always been interested in what Jennifer Lopez’s acting is like. So I decided to rattle my bones with this thriller.




So I have to say my two favourite genres in Film are thriller and horror. They just have this dynamic that draws you in and this film had that dynamic and it was which direction will it go in throughout the film. You know those films that make you think of all the different scenarios it could be this film did that. As it was all about a teacher who has a stalker and how they dynamic between the two of them developed.


So in terms of cast I’d seen all the cast in at least one other movie so I had this expectation of a low budget movie with alright acting. However, I was pleasantly surprised everyone stepped up their game I think because they had a great script to work with by Barbara Curry who hasn’t go much under her belt but would like to see more from her.


I think the subject of the film was very well handled because its a delicate subject which can be percieved in the wrong way. I think the drip feeding of the extent of obsession kept your interest throughout the film because there were just enough unanswered questions about the extent of the stalking. It very much had that message of watch your back and even made me question some of the people I known.


Overall, I think it was an interesting and thought provoking film. If your alone don’t watch it cause it may make you scared but I think some thriller fans will apprciate it as it is not as cliched as you might think. The only issue I have is the ending I felt like it needed more in terms of dialogue, background knowledge also felt the end situation didn’t seem to fit the profile of the stalker. Other than that it was an enjoyable thriller.


Let me know what you think and leave a comment below!

Drama Amped – Chicago MED Season 1 Ep2

Chicago MED has upped the anti more dramatic cases, more hard subjects brought up and better development of character relationships. I have high hopes for this show!



This episode centred on the story of a 14-year-old girl’s pregnancy delivered in a street but what will happen to the baby? Such a sad issue thats why we should encourage parents and teachers to discuss contraception and how to get it. Its such a heart breaking situation and the show dealt with it and showed different sides to it in a delicate and educated way.


The sub-stories were engaging but not as prominent so there was more of a flow to the episode. The story of dementia was very interesting to see how symptoms can be similar to other diseases. It is distressing to see how people who have dementia can get so lost. That’s why there should be more awareness and help given to those who care for someone with dementia or alzheimers.


There is some great character development in this episode: with Dr Charles and Sarah you see a mentorship developing which could help the growth of the show. Then there is the ever-questioning relationship of Dr Manning and Dr Halstead will something happen in this episode you have to watch to find out.


Overall, an interesting episode with great subjects that question our opinions and stances on life. I am looking forward to the next episode as it is developing into an interesting watch still doesn’t have the depth of Grey’s Anatomy. However, there were lots of little nuggets of information of the back stories of characters that are keeping me watching!


Next ep review on the way. As usual feel free to comment below!


Doctor Faustus- Kit Harrington

So I know this play’s season is finished but I just had to talk about it as it was a fabulous production and you never know it may come back?


This play I went to see is called Doctor Faustus which is an updated version of the original play written by Christopher Marlowe. The play is based on Goethe Fausts (German literary legend) encounters with the devil. This version takes to the modern day perception of dealing with the devil and trading his soul for magic, wealth and power.

I have to say this is an adult play so no children allowed but I think that very late teens would appreciate it and is a good lesson for them through the themes. Obviously everyone I saw was there for Kit Harrington which is to be expected it’s good in a way because it brings more young people to the play which might spark their interest in the subject.

It’s definitely one of those plays that shocks your whole system. The reason why is because the play contains a lot of nudity, blood and violence. However, it was done so well you could bare it and it never felt like it didn’t add to the play. Although it was very gritty and cringe worthy if you can get through it adds a sense of reality to the situation.

The acting in this was phenomenal Kit Harrington was so in sync with his character and you could feel the emotion in every line. Jenna Russell was so devilish as Mephistopheles. Jade Anouka was a gentle and innocent Wagner. Lastly Forbea Masson as Lucifier who you were freaked out just by looking at him.

Overall, a intriguing play that is very relevant to today’s society. I hope this comes back to London as it was a must see play of the year. As I would love to see it again it is like Harold Pinter plays you have to see it a few times to really understand the whole play.

As usual comment below and let me know if you think it should come back to the stage?


Washington Square

So this year I vowed to myself that I would read more classics because I miss the language of classic books. I’m sure we all went through that teenage phase where we went through every classic novel written just to look smart. Ok maybe just me!


So this is my introduction to Henry James’ writing. Well my mother is a big fan of Henry James so growing up I watched the Bostonians and loads of other classics. I just picked this one up and couldn’t stop reading it at first. Without giving too much away its a story  of love, loss and inheritance. I know as soon as you hear the word inheritance you run away because  it’s the boring part of classic novels but it is in just about everyone. But I promise you in this novel it focuses more how it effects the relationships and interactions between people.

So it starts off unlike most classic novels about a non-pretty girl who is in the prime of her life and meets a charming young man and falls in love. But will it last is the question which rests on her father.

The characters in this short novel you go from loving to hating by the end of the novel but you do have a deep understanding for them and their situation. I have to say I loved the character of Catherine mainly because she reminded me of a real independent woman. Those characters are rare in classics usually they are prim princesses and a bit too high and mighty for me I like down to earth characters which is strange cause I read a lot of fantasy.

A huge concentration of the book is the relationship between the father, Dr Sloper and Catherine. I found this interesting most of the time but at times it felt a bit too rigid and lacking depth to it. Its a hard to imagine how the dynamic would have worked as relationships between men and women were not as relaxed as they are now.

The dynamic between the two lovers was limited in terms of the development of the relationship and at times it felt almost fake. I guess that was his point can love manifest itself so quickly. You feel sorry for them because everyone believes in true love. However, by the end of the book I felt so frustrated by the two of them I wanted to knock their heads together.

James’ writing style is interesting it was not about the description of sorroundings or even the characters that much. He put so much focus on dynamics of relationships, how people felt and what they were thinking. It was nice change from the usual focus on the surroundings in immense detail. Not much dialogue throughout which left a lot of discussions open to interpretation of the imagination which allowed me to picture the characters more easily.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and interesting read. However, the middle section felt as if it died in terms of developement of the characters and plot especially in regards to Catherine. It is a good read but not an essential classic as it felt it went nowhere and the ending reminded me a lot of Persausion.

If you have read it let me know what you think or if you have another classic suggestion for my classics binge reading?

Blunt Talk Season 1 Episode 2

The Shakespearen triumphs again with another hilarious episode of the most impossible situation ever imagined although some of these were rather ordinary!




A showbiz entrance with a showgirl routine which followed on from the last episode of him passing out on air he continues his hilarious monologue with ferness but what will the studio bring to him next?


Well its a weather story a hurricane storm in Texas and the Shakespearen is told to cover it. The airport scene is the most relatable and ridiculously funny scene ever. You just have to watch it to understand.




He misses his flight and has to shoot it infront of a green screen. Which he comes across from his porn making neighbour. The combination of the simple dialogue and the ridiculousness of the situation just makes perfect comedy.


Overall, another great episode from Blunt Talk its great simple comedy with a modern twist. I cannot leave without talking about how great the relationship is between Walter and Harry. They took it to a new level of funny with their bedtime routine.


Keep a look out for the next funny tale in the Blunt Talk show! As usual feel free comment below!

Kindle Unlimited

So recently Amazon have released Kindle Unlimited which is a Netflix/ Now TV like library service. But is it worth it?


It was released in the US first and is gradual coming out in certain countries and has recently come to the UK. So the idea is you get access to over 1 million titles and 2,000 audiobooks for £7.99 a month there is also a 30 day free trial available. Like a library you can only read 10 books at a time.

There is a lot to choose from and allows you to discover new authors out there. It also had good selection in my opinion of YA and fantasy. Some of the big names on there include the whole Harry Potter series and the complete Hunger Games series as well. It also had some big names in crime for instance M.RC Kasasian, P.D. James, Jane Holland and Ed James.

However, there are some issues with the service not directly but an issue with publishers and authors over royalities. I don’t know the specifics of the issue but I do know there is an a dispute between Amazon and Hachette and some authors have sent complaints in.

Overall, I really like the idea of the service and at the moment I am reading Smoke Rising by Craig Halloran and throughly enjoying it. I am concerned about the royalities issue as I believe authors should get a fair royalty from services like these which are becoming very popular nowadays. I am not sure if I will continue with this service but I would like to as it is good idea for a service as long as they sort the royalities issues out NOW!

Let me know if you have signed up and what you think of the service or know more about the royalities issue!


Bastion First Impressions

So a while ago Steam had Bastion for the cheap price of £2.84 and it has been on my wishlist forever so I grabbed at the offer.


This game reminds me of Trine (which I love) because of the graphics. The graphics are stunning the background is a fairy landscape but guys don’t be put off by my fairy comment. If you like No Man’s Sky graphics you will like this game.

This is quite a action game in terms of fighting. You get weapons early on which are a hammer,a bow and a shield. You battle all these weird black floating blobs which are so fast and so irritating they are like flies buzzing around you. You also get potion to help with health and skills with your weapons.

The basic idea is you go exploring these lands and fighting the floating blobs and armed floating bosses. A word of advice don’t walk off the path or you will die because you are floating in the sky which is another cool element.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this game even though I have only played 30 minutes of it. I am impressed so far. I love the game mode where you can’t die at all its fantastic especially for not so good gamers like me. Obviously there is a normal for stellar gamers. Definietly worth a look especially if you are Trine fan!

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think!