Amino and YA Bookclub

I have recently picked up a new social media app called Amino and I am loving it. Amino is an app that makes communities out of things like books, TV shows, genres and many more. You can blog on it, create conversations, share news or articles via links, create mini profiles for your favourite things, get opinions from the community using polls and have Q&A with the community.


The Amino apps that I am connected to are Horror, Books, Movies & TV, Charmed, Poirot, Fantasy Books, BookTube, YA Literature, LOTR, Harry Potter, YA Books, Tubers, Comics, Video Games, Food and Book Bloggers Unite. I know its a lot but they are all things I am interested in and these communities allow you to target the particualr audience I want and link it up to my blog.

A great thing I got out of my book community amino app is that I am now part of chat called Young Adult Novels and are doing a bookclub each month. This month we are reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and we have a reading schedule and a discussion each week on the chat. Then a book giveaway at the end of the schedule. It is great way to do a bookclub the cheaper way.

Overall, Amino is great for people who are interested in starting a blog and for bloggers who are trying to expand their own community. It also gives bloggers a better analysis who likes which post and how likes you get for all posts.



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