Bastion First Impressions

So a while ago Steam had Bastion for the cheap price of £2.84 and it has been on my wishlist forever so I grabbed at the offer.


This game reminds me of Trine (which I love) because of the graphics. The graphics are stunning the background is a fairy landscape but guys don’t be put off by my fairy comment. If you like No Man’s Sky graphics you will like this game.

This is quite a action game in terms of fighting. You get weapons early on which are a hammer,a bow and a shield. You battle all these weird black floating blobs which are so fast and so irritating they are like flies buzzing around you. You also get potion to help with health and skills with your weapons.

The basic idea is you go exploring these lands and fighting the floating blobs and armed floating bosses. A word of advice don’t walk off the path or you will die because you are floating in the sky which is another cool element.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this game even though I have only played 30 minutes of it. I am impressed so far. I love the game mode where you can’t die at all its fantastic especially for not so good gamers like me. Obviously there is a normal for stellar gamers. Definietly worth a look especially if you are Trine fan!

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think!


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