Blunt Talk Season 1 Episode 2

The Shakespearen triumphs again with another hilarious episode of the most impossible situation ever imagined although some of these were rather ordinary!




A showbiz entrance with a showgirl routine which followed on from the last episode of him passing out on air he continues his hilarious monologue with ferness but what will the studio bring to him next?


Well its a weather story a hurricane storm in Texas and the Shakespearen is told to cover it. The airport scene is the most relatable and ridiculously funny scene ever. You just have to watch it to understand.




He misses his flight and has to shoot it infront of a green screen. Which he comes across from his porn making neighbour. The combination of the simple dialogue and the ridiculousness of the situation just makes perfect comedy.


Overall, another great episode from Blunt Talk its great simple comedy with a modern twist. I cannot leave without talking about how great the relationship is between Walter and Harry. They took it to a new level of funny with their bedtime routine.


Keep a look out for the next funny tale in the Blunt Talk show! As usual feel free comment below!

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