Drama Amped – Chicago MED Season 1 Ep2

Chicago MED has upped the anti more dramatic cases, more hard subjects brought up and better development of character relationships. I have high hopes for this show!



This episode centred on the story of a 14-year-old girl’s pregnancy delivered in a street but what will happen to the baby? Such a sad issue thats why we should encourage parents and teachers to discuss contraception and how to get it. Its such a heart breaking situation and the show dealt with it and showed different sides to it in a delicate and educated way.


The sub-stories were engaging but not as prominent so there was more of a flow to the episode. The story of dementia was very interesting to see how symptoms can be similar to other diseases. It is distressing to see how people who have dementia can get so lost. That’s why there should be more awareness and help given to those who care for someone with dementia or alzheimers.


There is some great character development in this episode: with Dr Charles and Sarah you see a mentorship developing which could help the growth of the show. Then there is the ever-questioning relationship of Dr Manning and Dr Halstead will something happen in this episode you have to watch to find out.


Overall, an interesting episode with great subjects that question our opinions and stances on life. I am looking forward to the next episode as it is developing into an interesting watch still doesn’t have the depth of Grey’s Anatomy. However, there were lots of little nuggets of information of the back stories of characters that are keeping me watching!


Next ep review on the way. As usual feel free to comment below!


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