The Boy Next Door

So this is a film I had heard about and had been on my list for a while. Plus I am always been interested in what Jennifer Lopez’s acting is like. So I decided to rattle my bones with this thriller.




So I have to say my two favourite genres in Film are thriller and horror. They just have this dynamic that draws you in and this film had that dynamic and it was which direction will it go in throughout the film. You know those films that make you think of all the different scenarios it could be this film did that. As it was all about a teacher who has a stalker and how they dynamic between the two of them developed.


So in terms of cast I’d seen all the cast in at least one other movie so I had this expectation of a low budget movie with alright acting. However, I was pleasantly surprised everyone stepped up their game I think because they had a great script to work with by Barbara Curry who hasn’t go much under her belt but would like to see more from her.


I think the subject of the film was very well handled because its a delicate subject which can be percieved in the wrong way. I think the drip feeding of the extent of obsession kept your interest throughout the film because there were just enough unanswered questions about the extent of the stalking. It very much had that message of watch your back and even made me question some of the people I known.


Overall, I think it was an interesting and thought provoking film. If your alone don’t watch it cause it may make you scared but I think some thriller fans will apprciate it as it is not as cliched as you might think. The only issue I have is the ending I felt like it needed more in terms of dialogue, background knowledge also felt the end situation didn’t seem to fit the profile of the stalker. Other than that it was an enjoyable thriller.


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