Sophie Hannah Crime Night

So I went to see Sophie Hannah at the launch of her new book in her Poirot continuation series ‘Closed Casket’ in Waterstones Piccadilly.There was wine, a Q&A, signing of books and of course the most fabulous part which was RIFT Theatre Company acting out the first scene of the book. I apologise for the lateness of this post.


The acting of the first scene was first and WOW you felt like you were in 1920s/1930s. The costumes were amazing such beautiful frocks and WOW I did a double take when Poirot entered the room I really thought it was David Suchet in his Poirot costume. The actors were using all the space around them and interacting with the audience a lot which was hilariously funny. It brought a certain fantastic energy to the evening.

Next Sophie Hannah introduced herself looking fabulous I must say. Then we moved onto the Q&A part of the evening with Alex Clarke asking the questions. It was very interesting to hear how she got to start writing it and how the family of Agatha Christie reacted. I think it is always a good idea for families like the Christie’s to be receptive to continuation ideas as it allows for that great memory to go on. Then to the audience I perked up and asked if she imagined David Suchet while writing she said no but that is the Poirot she loves which I was so pleased to hear as he is my favourite too.

Then we moved to the final part which was signing part. Going to meet her was lovely such a nice women and got a few photos with her and my books signed and thanked her for my like on my tweet. Then I got chance to speak Alex Clarke who was so interesting to talk to and gave me some great journalistic advice. After finishing talking I suddenly realised I’d seen her before at LBF interviewing someone what a small world. But before that while we were talking you’ll never guess who came into the conversation but the one and only ADELE GERAS! She stood there and talked to me it was so wonderful and of course you know she is Sophie’s Hannah’s mother. I loved talking to her she is so techy more than me she is on instagram! Fabulous woman hoped to me her again sometime soon.

Overall, it was one of those nights you mark down as one of the greatest nights in your existence. I met lots of interesting people and from the audience too. Fantastic event Waterstones you should do more like this. Thank you so much to Sophie, Adele and Alex for making it a memorable night. I almost forgot Alex Clarke is heading the Bath Festival in May next year so I would definitely get tickets. If you are religious Poirot fans don’t be afraid of these books you still feel Poirot in every page of the book!


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