When the Men Fight! :Private Practice Season 1 Ep9

Title: Private Practice Season 1 Episode 9 –In Which Dell Finds His Fight

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year: 2007

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Timing: 1 hour

Creator: Shonda Rhimes

Stars: Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Stricklan

So this is the last episode of the season BOO WHOO! No worries still got five more seasons to watch WOOO!



Why I called this episode when the men fight is because its all about the men in this episode and substories fighting for thier women and life. I think this is such interesting subject because it is never touched on much where men are making the most effort in the relationship its kinda brushed over with lovey dovey part of the story or the women. Its nice to see Shonda bringing back the real manly heroic character.

The sub story that ties this episode together is about Dell’s grandpa Wendell who lives in a nursing home and Dell believes he is being abused. But what is really going on is the fight and if you haven’t already understood what I mean. Go watch the episode!

The other sub story is about the couple we met early in the series with the vaginismous problem. They are now looking to have a baby like instantly but this time Jeffery finds out that he is sterile and his determination to give his wife Catheline a baby.

The characters backstories develop a lot in this episode plus I forgot to drop the bomb of Cooper and Charlotte are doing it but will they DTR (Define The Relationship). I think so I always thought they would work because they are both quirky and competitive people. Then Addison is trying to be friends with Pete and try and ask out the Cop. I am more inclined towards the Cop because we don’t know him. However, will Pete pick up the fight? Last but not least Naomi’s DRAMA OMG I’d be so confused right now if I was her! So basically Sam is fighting for her but also Del is fighting for her. I don’t know I’m on the fence about these two!

Overall, a great end to the season with some things resolved but lots of questions open to make your mind boggled. I think this season is a great start to a TV show as it gives a good flow of sub stories throughout the season. Also intriguing and loveable characters that will really make you connect with the TV series. Absolutely loving it Shonda Rhimes.


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