A Family Thing – Private Practice S2 EP1

Title: Private Practice Season 2 Episode 1 A Family Thing

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year: 2007

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Timing: 1 hour

Creator: Shonda Rhimes

Stars: Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Stricklan

So this was a jaw-dropping reality check fron Shonda! So didn’t expect it!



So I should explain so continuing with my Private Practice review binge now on season 2. It just all happens in this episode everything just crumbles to pieces. I don’t want to go too muc into the plot of this episode but basically the practice is having a fresh start with a video to get more patients in. Will it or will it not be the demise of the practice?


So this episode had two sub-stories and they were beyond tough to hear about. Even my mum in the background thought they were tough. So the first one was about this family who have a sick child and a child on the way. One of the reasons for the child on the way is to use the blood from the cord to save the dying child’s life. This is a situation that has been looked at in ficiton but to see it on TV made you question your own thoughts on the subject more. For me I think it is a grey area that would need a lot of discussion because you would be torn to see the best way to deal with the situation. So the dying child gets worse and needs the transplant immediately but the baby in the womb is only 6 months old. Will they both survive?

The other sub-story is about a teenager who has HIV and doesn’t know but is 13 and has a girlfriend and they want to have sex. However, the parents don’t want to tell him. For me I think the teenager should know no question. But will the parents tell him or will it end in disaster for the teenagers?

The character development was huge and there is a lot I won’t talk about yet because I want you to watch it. Charlotte and Cooper’s issues with their secret relationship, Addison with her Cop VS Pete issue and Naomi with her Dell VS Sam issue. Basically a lot of issues get resolved but there are news ones to do with the practice it just a bit of a mind boggling episode!

Overall, I loved and hated this episode because its so emotional and interesting you feel a bit exhausted after. It worked really well in terms developing the show in a different direction and I can’t wait to keep going with this show!

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