Good Me Bad Me Review


Title: Good Me Bad Me

Author: Ali Land

Rating: 5/5 stars

Page Count: 338 pages

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Fiction



Milly’s mum is a serial killer. It follows Milly’s journey from escaping her mothers clutches to the end of the trial. Looking at how she is dealing with the trial, her new family and her new identity. But the real test is whether she can overcome her mothers voice in her head?

Style of Writing:

I really enjoyed the fact that it was written in first person because you felt a lot closer to the story and the development of Milly’s character. I really liked that the book centred on the interactions of characters and dialogue than the plot as it made the story come alive.


The theme of mental illness is a huge part of this book which is very important as it is an issue we need to explore more in books to raise more help and awareness. Ali has a lot of experience as mental health nurse and I think she did a fantastic job throughout the book of questioning how we look at mental health. The child abuse in the book of the relationship between Milly and her mum was an interesting interpretation because it showed how difficult it is to separate her from her mother as her mother had taken over so much of her mind. The theme family was really intriguing as it was dealing with where is the line where family begins and ends.


I really enjoyed Milly’s character and the journey you went on with her as you felt so engrossed in her story and rooting for her. But then at the end my view of her completely changed and felt like you were in limbo over whether you liked her or not. Mike I am not sure about this character on the one hand, I admired what he was doing to help these children on the other hand I think he is a total arsehole. Saskia I really hated and had no sympathy for her, she really got on my nerves. Pheobe I also really didn’t like although on some level I understood her but really she was just rude and irritating. Morgan what a kind and endearing character she was so accepting and that made me love her character even more. The mother wow obviously I hated her to the point of extinction but also she was so creepy and strange but that made her such a great character addition to the story.


I loved the plot of this book, it was amazing so thrilling and riveting throughout. The twist at the end was out of this world definitely in my top 5 twists literally my draw dropped when I read it. I liked the fact that you could almost work out where it was going but still had so many questions spinning in your mind.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book the characters stirred emotions in me and the plot gripped me all the way through. I think this is a fantastic thriller that young adults towards the later age range should read because it is thrilling but also brings in important questions on mental health. Plus crime lovers will adore it.

Let me know if you are planning to read it or your thoughts on it if you have!

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