Blunt Talk Ep4- A Beaver That’s Lost Its Mind

Title: Blunt Talk Series 1 Episode 4 Watch a Long – A Beaver That’s Lost Its Mind

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2015-

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Timing: 30 mins

Creator: Jonathan Ames

Stars: Patrick Stewart, Adrian Scarborough, Jacki Weaver, Dolly Wells.


So by this episode I already love this show its quick, quirky and wacky! I love it!


So this episode centres around Walter’s son Bertie from his most recent marriage and Jeff’s big issue which I won’t say cause they literally don’t tell you till the end so you’ll have to watch it!

At this point in the series your slowly getting a better picture of Walter which is great cause every episode I enjoy his humour even more. However, Major’s character has just settled into the background and a bit sidelined which is annoying cause I enjoy him as a character and would like to know more about his past.

In terms of other characters one who really develops is Jeff and the rest just drudge on because all their relationships are there but not doing anything.

In terms of the plot of this episode was a bit slow and dull. The bit with Moby was sort of funny but for me not a dramatic enough reaction from Walter.

Overall, steady episode but didn’t really go anywhere fingers crossed the next one will blow me away with laughter. I loved the parent teacher conference that was so funny and true. Except in my case I had two meetings with every teacher lol!

Let me know if your watching Blunk Talk!



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