#BeautyandtheBeastSeason-Beauty and the Beast Live Action Review

Title: Beauty and the Beast

Director: Bill Condon

Staring:  Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

Length: 2hrs 9mins

Genres: live action, family, Disney, fantasy, musical

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2771200/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures

My Rating: 5/5 stars


So the story of the Beauty and the Beast is about a boy that had everything he had ever wanted and took advantage of it. So one day an enchantress came to the castle and asked to stay the night in from the cold and the prince flatly refused. So the enchantress put a spell on him and those who worked in the castle, destined them to solitude and to become appliances. Unless they could break the spell with true love’s kiss. Will Belle be the one?


What an amazing cast that brought this fairytale to life. Belle what a fabulous performance from Emma, she was feistier than the cartoon, which I loved, plus her voice was so beautiful. I have to say this applies to all the characters in this film. The Beast was so good in keeping his scary and mysterious look with kindness behind his exterior. I have to say in the animation version I didn’t feel sorry for him or anything towards him but in this version I really connected with The Beast. Cogsworth was so funny and pompous which made you love him even more. Lumiere was so charming with such a great sense of humour. Mrs Pots and Chip were simply adorable and so loveable they just made your heart melt. Cadenza and Garderobe just had me in tears throughout and their love of each other was so wonderful. Gaston and LeFou great bromance there plus total asseholes and super funny. Lastly Maurice such a sweet and kind father you just wanted to give him a hug to cheer him up.


This is a classic fairytale that I love which is strange because I am not a massive fan of fairytales. Obviously with this version we have a lot more background not only with Belle’s mother and The Beasts’ past which gave it a lot more depth and made this version a lot more serious and dark. Also you have the addition of Maestro Cadenza which was fantastic in terms of adding to the comedy of the film and was a fabulous huge character. Overall, the plot was just as fantastic as the original but more with additions and more musicality included.


Just WOW is my thoughts. They were stunning, flamboyant and amazing detail done in the style French Louis XIV court. I have to say my favourites would have to be The Beast, Belle’s dancing dress and Cogsworth. The reason I loved The Beast as it was not only realistic but also scary. The Belle dancing dress was stunning I loved that it was less puffy than the animation version. Cogsworth was just fabulous with the combination of red and gold clothing and of course the hilarious moustache.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this live action version of Beauty and the Beast not only because of the amazing cast but also the beautiful flow of the story alongside the music. This is a family fun, funny and heart-warming version of this fabulous fairytale. That will have singing along all the way through. I am not a huge fan of Disney but this a favourite of mine because of the booklover aspect.

Let me know if you have watched it and what you thought!

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