Idiotsitter Season 1 Episode 1

Title: The Interview

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2014

IMDB Rating:  6.3/10

Timing:  30mins

Creator:  Jillian Bell, Charlotte Newhouse

Stars: Jillian Bell, Charlotte Newhouse, Stephen Root

So me and my boyfriend are fans of Workaholics even though I cringe in just about every episode. Its a good weird comedy show. So the girl from Workaholics who is the secretary has her own show! IDIOTSITTER!


So the idea of this show is that this woman in her twenties; Gene is on probation for some bad behaviour as her parents call it. She is a rich kid with strange take on life which makes her hilarious. Then slightly predictably the good girl; Billie comes to babysit and teach her to pass her GED as agreed by the court.


For a first episode she dived into the comedy with weirdest parents who just looked high while interviewing the poor innocent Billie. Who totally reminded me of me at interviews you just kind of spiral into word garbage. Then the most hilarious entrance of Gene with immence swagger. LOL! Even her presence makes me laugh I just see her and start giggling.


I found the rest of the episode really predictable in terms of Gene making goodie too shoes Billie into a rebel then Billie walks out but comes back out of sympathy. But like all good comedy shows its not really about the plot its about those classic catchy lines that leave you in hysterics. Although I did love that she left it on a great cliff hanger cause I so wanna know what happens next.


Overall, for a first it was good. However, in terms of the dynamic between the two characters and how their relationship will go that was awesome. That’s what drew me in to watch more. It is a great representation of the two sides of everybody that we love to explore. Definitely a show to check out!

Let me know what you think of Idiotsitter!

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