Hunters Season 1 Episode 1

Title:  The Beginning & the End

Genre: Crime, Drama, SCI-FI

Year: 2016-

IMDB Rating:  5.5/10

Timing:  1hr

Creator:  Natalie Chaidez

Stars: Nathan Phillips, Britne Oldford, Mark Coles Smith

So there always so many TV shows coming out which makes it very difficult to keep up but also keeps me interested in so much. What drew me to this TV series Hunters was it was originally a book; Alien Hunter by Whitley Strieber and it’s a different alien race that I have never seen before.

So the idea of Hunters is that there is a new alien race on Earth and it is abducting people for some alien music experiment. The government has put together a task force called Exo-Terrorism Unit to deal with the new alien race. But the latest abductee situation adds a new member to the team as the abductee is the wife of the new guy. So will Flynn find his wife Abby?

The concept of this TV show is really intriguing because straight away you know they are not your the typical aliens you see on all TV shows and movies with the enormous head and weird eyes. This has an element that is similar to The Strain because of its complete mysteriousness.

Overall, good first episode because it made you connect with quite a few of the characters and be completely engrossed in the mystery of these aliens. By the way if you are a big fan of Cole from Charmed he is in this and he is just as dark and mysterious as ever!

Let me know if you are watching Hunters and what you think of it!

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