The Catch Season 1 Episode 1

So this is a Shonda Rhimes’ project which is about a private investigator’s life, love and betrayal.

I love it from the characters to the plot to the smoothness of the camera work. The premise of this is that Alice runs a private security firm with her best friend Valerie. All is absolutely rosy for Alice’s firm she has great clients and her boyfriend has proposed and they are about to get married. Until Mr X arrives and steals money from their top clients and is always one step ahead will they catch him in time or will end in disaster?

The first episode was so packed with background and the world but at no point did you feel overwhelmed because it has this great flow to it. The premise of this TV show may seem like a typical damsel in distress situation but for this show its point is to show the empowerment after the tragedy and the determination to get the guy. This is a refreshing take on the situation but I do think there is something missing from this idea which maybe will appear in later episodes I hope so.

In terms of characters Alice is my favourite as I have watched Mireille Enos in the The Killing and loved her and she is fabulous in this. She really brings out that strong independent woman side of her character but also she is still human in parts of the show. Her business partner Valerie in this episode I think wasn’t given enough time on-screen to develop her character as they are supposed to be a team  and that really annoyed me because I liked her character. The rest of the team was interesting people that will develop more in later episodes.

The plot was set up really well always kept you guessing about whether Mr X would be revealed to the characters cause we know straight away who he is. It was an intriguing way of doing it I thought I’d get bored but I loved it. This episode was basically a chase between Alice and Mr X which gave the episode a fast and thrilling pace.

Looking forward to see how the story develops in later episodes. As always anything to do with Shonda I am there and by the end I am always wanting more.


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