Chicago MED Season 1 Episode 3

What an ethical episode?

In this episode there were three sub-stories that all focused on the ethical line of medicine and life. The first sub-story was about a man who had a chandelier fall on top of him so insane and crazy. The ethical part is that Dr Rhodes knows the man very well so should he operate on the man? Well in my opinion it’s a grey area as it can incentivize you to save his life in any way but can also make you make mistakes because of personal involvement. Do you think Dr Rhodes should have been off the case?

The next sub story was about a soldier who had done seven tours who has mysteriously developed diabetes. This means that he cannot be deployed. How will his wife react but is there another factor causing his diabetes? It is a question of is a military lifelong commitment good for any person or does there need to be a cut off point to come back to their home lives and not get too disturbed by what they see in their tours? The ethical bit you’ll understand when you watch it.

The last story is of a violinist who has brain tumor and the surgery may mean that she looses her hearing. This is such a heartbreaking story but as the daughter of two musicians I can tell you, that if you are musician you push through every obstacle so that you can play your instrument because it connects you to your are and nothing can break that bond of a musician and their instrument!

In terms of character development you see Dr Rhodes really develop as a character through looking at his past. You see Sarah moving away from her doe eyed student look to a serious doctor.

Overall this was a jam-packed episode filled with lead characters questioning your opinions on their situations. I cannot leave without mentioning Sharon’s (S. Epatha Merkerson) performance in her meeting with Mr Rhodes (asshole dad) and Chairman of the Hospital (another asshole) it was just a badass empowering women performance!

Let me know your thoughts on this episode or on the issues discussed in the episode!


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