Greys Anatomy Season 1 Episode 1

I remember the first time I started watching Grey’s Anatomy it was the days of Blockbuster and I found the first series one day and fell in love with it.

I know this sounds silly but everyone has that TV show that helped them through life and Grey’s Anatomy was mine at a time when nothing inspired me in my education apart from the fiction I read at home.

Grey’s Anatomy inspired me to work harder to get what I wanted in life. So now her I am finished my degree and critiquing the show that got me here.

This first episode I can watch a million times mainly because it’s filled with the promise of hope. Not only that the surgery internship is called ‘the game’ which makes it all the more exciting and interesting in terms of character development.

As you start off with everyone in a room and whether they will stay or go is the question. Meredith has this great line that sums up the show after doing her first surgery she says ‘standing over that table was such a high’.

Even in the first episode you get everything from an interesting sub-story about a girl with a supposed seizure disorder tying into the relationship of Meredith and Christina on who gets to assist in the surgery. Overall, great first episode the pace is perfect and there is just enough to intrigue you to keep watching.


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