Orbital Volume 2 Review

Genre: comic, SCI-FI, political, YA

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6705547-ruptures


This continues Swany and Izzua on their diplomatic mission on Senestam to keep the peace between the Javlods and the humans. Not only that but the Stilvulls have emerged from their underground liars and are causing havoc. So can Swany and Izzua solve the mystery of whose behind the rebellion on human side and can they save everyone from the Stilvulls?


As usual the artwork is just beautiful. As there was a lot more action in this volume Pelle experimented more with the art to show terror or disaster for example when Izzua was doing the stunt to save them from the Stilvulls. There was also this stunning piece of artwork towards the end especially the way the really light blue just pops out in your face like an explosion. I also love the design of the spaceship so intriguing and within that setting it just looks so majestic.


Though there was less dialogue due to the amount of action it still had that political tone which gives it that relatability to modern day. The conversations between Swany and Izzua are so intriguing because you can see that they are still very independent in their thinking and so that team work hasn’t cemented yet. The Javlods negotiations in my opinion have a very human approach to negotiations which I liked because it is slightly teaching us humans a lesson lol.


Swany I liked but annoyed me at points as he was so about keeping the peace plus not very action man. Izzua I still love her character she is independent, badass and she has so much pride such an enjoyable character to read. Kim you just felt sorry for because you could see she would be a better leader than Gregor. Gregor was arrogant and got on my nerves because he was blind to see what was going on in front of him. Javlods were quite selfish but you could see where they came from. The colonel what an asshole. Nina I loved very sassy and mysterious but also very wise.


This was a great conclusion to this mission fast paced and thrilling throughout. Always kept me wondering what was going to happen next. The ending was tense but also very diplomatic in who got the planet Senestam in the end.

My Thoughts:

I love reading this series this volume proves it’s just gonna get even better. A great conclusion to their mission with some epic artwork. This is a comic for political, Star Wars and SCI-FI lovers.

5 stars

© 2018 Emily Claire Cannings

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