Orbital Volume 3 Nomads Review

Genre: comic, SCI-FI, political, YA

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11548444-nomads?ac=1&from_search=true


On to volume 3 where we follow Swany and Izzua on an important mission in Earth to make sure everything runs smoothly for the Human and Sandjarr reconciliation ceremony. However, events do not go according to plan with an incident occurring on Malaysian waters with the Rapakhun and humans. Can Swany and Izzua resolve the problem before the festivities start or will it cause an even bigger problem?

As per usual the artwork is stunning in this volume. The palette of colour has a lot of blues and greys which means the tone goes from sinister to beautiful. The Rapakhun what intriguing creatures with so much detail to them that made me just stare at them for a long time plus; so wanna try draw them. They also had this great one expression of sadness, wisdom and slight deviousness all at the same time which I loved. Also the ships designed in this volume looked so cool especially the one on the cover I just wanna pull it apart and see how it works.


Throughout this volume the dialogue was quite political which meant I really sunk my teeth into this volume (I think that’s the right expression lol) cause I love politics. Especially between Swany and Izzua because you really got to see both sides of their opinions. Also you felt that through the background dialogue between the two of them their connection and friendship really bonded together. That first dialogue between Ulrich and Izzua is so weird and awkward but still true of when different societies come together in our world.


Swany came across as very arrogant in this issue through his actions and dialogue. But then at the end there was this growth in his character through his greater understanding of Izzua. I felt that Izzua really developed as a character through her confidence and her opening up, I liked her more for it. Ulrich was a typical colonel trying to keep the peace but not understanding the new world but principled which I like. The Rapakhun interesting characters but also very weird and gross we will see where they head in the next volume. The Sandjarr royalty what pompous assholes!


The plot was thrilling and intriguing as you didn’t know what caused what the incident. I liked the added backstory it gave a depth to the characters but didn’t take away from the main story. The ending was a great cliff hanger still not knowing what or who was the cause kept you wanting to read more.

My Thoughts:

I love reading this comic series such an interesting and relatable political missions with a thrilling plot. With also so many intriguing species. This mission is my favourite at the moment as it links from the old mission and sets up for the continuation of this mission for the next volume. Still a thrilling SCI-FI political adventure.

5 stars

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